We are Salmon
Money is too important a part of people’s lives to be left in the hands of habit and tradition: to high-street banks, to petty street lenders, to pawn brokers, and the like. Every customer of financial services often feels that they deserve better, be it advantaged or disadvantaged, novice or expert, farmer, teacher, jeepney driver or office worker.

That’s why we set out to establish Salmon.

We — a team of finance professionals and entrepreneurs backed by world-class investors — come with the vision and capabilities to provide better and more inclusive service through a combination of technology, product design, security, data analytics and relentless focus on customer care.

Managing one’s finances doesn’t need to be complex, frightening, boring or off-putting, it doesn’t have to be a chore. We aim to liberate our customers from the mundane and to quell their fears — providing our customers with more financial freedom while also saving their time and energy to focus on what truly matters to them in their daily lives.

We are united by our experiences of building leading financial services and tech companies in various parts of the world — and by desire to apply our experience and modern technology for the benefit of millions of Filipinos.

Not only have we built great financial and tech businesses, transforming industries in the process, but we also led large companies and banks through many economic cycles, keeping customers’ and investors’ money safe.

We are building Salmon — a financial technology business that works impeccably 24x365, creating thousands of jobs and provides easy access to finance for millions of Filipinos.

We swim upstream, challenge the conventional in our desire to create lasting impact — and invite you to join us in this journey, as a partner, vendor, employee, or a customer. The new world is ours to discover together.
Our values
  • Empowerment & Inclusivity
    We liberate customers to achieve their life and financial goals through access to modern and intuitive financial services.

    Through a range of well-designed products, we help customers from every walk of life.
  • Care
    Customer care: finance is complex, and we spare no effort to aid our clients.

    Attention: we are attentive to the needs of our patrons, and to every detail in our designs.

    Passion: we care about what we do because we love it and believe in our mission.
  • Courage
    We have the courage and expertise to fight complacency and challenge the status quo through innovation.

    We chart our own path — and help customers do the same.
  • Joy
    We evoke positive emotions through ease of use and relief from the friction and the mundane.

    We bring our customers joy of new possibilities and achievement.
  • Polish
    We strive for simplicity and elegance in our designs and solutions.

    We develop seamless processes and sleek interfaces — intuitive, efficient, precise.
  • Dependability
    We keep customers’ money safe & data secure.

    We promise and deliver on the consistency of great experience, 24x365.
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